Canine vs. Technology
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And in this corner weighing in at 51 pounds of muscle and teeth Dylan (or in this mode we call him T-Rex). In the other corner my livelihood (technology).

We got a new dog in June. We’ve been huge fans of TRM Labradors ever since Fran deigned to join our family 11 years ago. Labs are an interesting mix of friendly, sleepy, playful and bossy. The funny thing is you never know which way is which.

Why am I bringing this up on my “serious blog?” Because Dylan, the new lab is a Luddite. Not a hide in a cave hermit shunning anti-technology from a distance creature. Dylan is a get in my space and let me know that he is not in favor of any form of technology.

He has created a number of different ways to solve this problem he perceives. The first way is annoying me by moving stuff in my office. Its already a mess so what’s the point? Although it is annoying to have a dog chewing on stuff all the time. So that gets me to stop and see what he wants. Usually when he does this he simply wants  a good boy treat.

The new activity is pulling on shirt sleeves or nipping at exposed legs. That one only occurs at night. Last night because of the nature of a long day I ended up working a bit after dinner. Dylan is used to having my attention after dinner so he wasn’t pleased with the work problem.

Why bring this up? Well first of all its interesting how routines are created and developed in people and for that matter Labs. The perception is often as great as or even greater than reality. Dylan is anti-technology not because it is technology (so I guess in that respect he is a want-to-be Luddite) rather because it changes his routine.

If you apply that to people you very quickly see why I brought it up. Sometimes changing routines becomes a bigger barrier to reality than anything you could ever think about doing.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!