SOA 3.0 the device as a point of integration…
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Portable weather gauge (from Kestrel – if you don’t have one get one!) 38 mph winds outside the house right now.)

The quest for the perfect device.

Yeah I know this is a dead horse and I have frankly beaten it far too many times. There is something though, at the edge of what I am looking for that remains almost here.

I got up this morning preparing for our second hurricane since moving to Maryland. Irene hit North of us, although there was a lost weekend of rain. Today, Dylan let me know he wasn’t happy about the outside weather conditions. I waited for cancellation of my meeting in Downtown DC (although with Federal offices closed my gut is its cancelled).

For the past month I have been using the Labquest products that integrate with your PC and iPad (the iPad software was just released). This is a great product for science teachers anywhere (man I wish it was available when I was teaching). It also is a great tool to use as it integrates with the PC/Macintosh and the iPad. Which is where I am heading today –

Is the device of the future merely an integration device? I talked about SOA 3.0 or Screens as a service – based on that I wonder if in fact SOA 3.0 doesn’t actually lead us to a true reality the device as a service.

If you think about the progression of technology over the past ten years you begin to see a slow change in both the architecture of solutions as well as the functionality of devices. I had conversation with a very smart person once who said they didn’t like the Pocket PC phones (circa 2006) because they were Swiss Army knives – they could do everything but nothing well.

Now, iPhones and Android phones do a number of things well – and that number is increasing every week. But the devices are actually becoming integration points rather than stand alone functional units. Sure, you can use them as stand alone devices there is no question. But as integration points they are exceptional. You don’t need the weather equipment you simply work with the folks from Labquest so that you can provide your own local weather or you integrate with one of the national services and get the same weather that the forecasters get.

The device as an integration unit. SOA 3.0…which by the way really builds on my earlier concept of the screen as a service. Now with the device as a point of integration the screen is no longer a lock it is simply another point of integration.