Even your crystal ball is a screen.

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A message contained in a technological bottle (this blog). Opening the bottle reveals one persons humble opinion and in all cases should be taken as such.

This blog never intends to offend (although I know it has at times). It intends to share what is out there in my ether. What is beyond my eyesight that I am straining to see.

Today I am looking beyond the horizon of mobility. I was an avid science-fiction reader as a teenager. I found the genre to be intriguing but to also hint at what might be. The concept of a wearable computer was the one that struck me as the most interesting.

Shipping in November is the Meta-Watch. A watch that connects to your iPhone or Android phone and allows you to have a screen share on your wrist. The Pebble (from the folks that make the BlackBerry connected watch today InPulse) will ship in December. These two devices are the first step in a very interesting journey.

It is as much a concept of what and where displays will be and show. The future of computing to me is the reality of the screen. At home and at work we will have a single large screen. The smaller devices we carry with us will be aware of the larger screen and we can choose to auto-display or be prompted. Smaller watch sized devices will work for many of us (although with the cellular phone the wrist watch is dying). On the go we will have screens that include built in projectors so we can increase our screen size as needed (or use only the small screen).

SOA 3.0 will represent the screen as a service. Where applications become aware not only of the device they are on and its capacity (the consumption concept of my earlier SOA 2.0 blogs) but will also be aware of screens that are available. Imagine for a second the new world of advertising when your company can rent the displays in time square for a minute any day any time. The concept of the screen as a service. It truly begins the abstraction of the computer. Everything becomes a screen.

The infamous crystal ball we all look into to see what may be is also in the end simply a screen.

Appearing at 1:59 pm today on Times Square a 30 second advertisement called The Future is Now. I mean it is now. Actually I missed it, the future is right now. No Now. Well maybe now…


2 thoughts on “Even your crystal ball is a screen.

  1. A next-gen Apple wearable (like the iWatch concept from ADR Studios , below) needs to do more than play music, much more. Most of the second generation wearables are simply surrogates to a larger host device (an Android phone) and are mostly one-way devices. They can read messages, emails and Tweets but they can’t reply. Apple could make the next nano an extension of the iPhone, but that isn’t enough.

    1. I agree. I just published over the weekend two blogs one that talked about the concept of the screen as a service – and the more serious blog focused on the device as a point of integration.

      Your comments are spot on!!!!!

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