Building the “perfect” or ultimate office
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It has been a quest for me for a long time. My issue is of course what do I do with all the clutter, but that is a personal issue that doesn’t impact the perfect office.

Start with a good chair. I have had probably 10 or so chairs over the years. Each of them was an improvement over the last. Currently I have a nice chair in my work office, and a nice massage chair in my home office. Both are good chairs and that is a great starting point for your office. Invest in a decent chair you will not regret it.

Monitors are the next thing that is critical. I had a friend in my old job that used to say I have a 42 inch monitor at my desk. It made the rest of us wonder how he pulled that off. Then I tried having a bigger monitor like that in my home office and I know why. Because everything is easier on a bigger monitor. So get a decent monitor. I like the LG monitors I have one that supports HDMI, VGA and DVI. That allows me to have multiple devices connected easily.

Invest in a good switch. Do you have more than 1 pc? If so having multiple keyboards and mice will drive you nuts. So I found the best switch – it supports up to four computers per switch and allows you to on the fly switch between computers. I have more than 4 computers but less than the 14 I used to have. So two switches works perfectly. The ones I found also support a USB drive, USB keyboard and USB mouse which makes it quick and easy for sharing.

I am a huge whiteboard fan. I’ve had one in my office for the past 12 years and I can’t tell you the difference that makes. Well actually I can – it allows me to think on a larger space. But with the new eBeam stuff I have to say it is even more of a great productivity tool than it was before.

There you go – the start of a perfect office.