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Host: those commercials never fail to entertain. Everyone should grab a coke during the break so we can all enjoy while we listen to question 5. Take it away, Lucky Business.

Lucky Business: Thanks Bob. Question 5 actually comes from my CISO, he says, and this is a direct quote. “the cloud isn’t secure.” Help me convince him that in fact the cloud is open, secure and ready for our business. Let’s start with Cloud Business two this time.

Cloud Business Two: There are a number of layers of security that have to be considered by cloud vendors. The primary focus we take is making sure we have the best trained security analysts in the business.

Lucky Business: Thanks Cloud Business Two, let’s go to Cloud Business Three and of course you can ask further questions.

-audience now getting the trend laughs as does the host –

Cloud Business Three: I hope my questions are bothering you, but since you said I could ask some, the first thing about security that I would need to know is how do you secure data on your network today. Have you have security issues? Do you have data that requires special or specific handling?

Lucky Business: Actually I have been enjoying your questions I was just teasing you a little.  In fact we do have regulated data that is provided to the government we work with, depending upon the location of the mine. We are also required to track and monitor where and what we survey as we search for new depositions and finally of course like every company we do have financial records we don’t want everyone to see.

Cloud Business Three: Thanks for that. Now the first questions my team would focus on is what you would be moving to the cloud, you may actually end up leaving the vast majority of your regulated data in your own data center. Over time as you grow more comfortable with cloud computing you may move everything, but in the initial phase we probably wouldn’t move that sensitive information. As far as what your CISO said, he’s right Cloud Computing isn’t secure. In fact, as is, out of the box, computers and computing are insecure. We work with you and your team to make sure we have safeguards that are at every level. In our cloud we offer you the virtual data center concept. This gives you complete control over everything within your own computing environment. Consider it a private cloud nestled neatly in the public cloud offering of our company.

Lucky Business: Thanks Cloud Business Three, Cloud Business One the same question.

Cloud Business One: Security is a can of worms. No single piece of information is ever truly secure. You can print it, file it and lock the file, then push the file into a safe. Push the safe into a larger safe and then drop it on the bottom of the ocean. Two days later you will read that information in the newspaper and see a picture of your safe in a safe in a safe open on the front page. Security is about delaying bad people while enabling good people to get the information. We take the approach of working with you as the previous business said but we also consider who will or might be attacking you. We study previous attacks of the likely “attackers” and build security that is focused on the types of attacks they use. We only have to catch them once, and if we have the right layers around your solution they have to be right more than we do. We consider security a risk mitigation process. Taking the existing risk and making it as small as possible.

Lucky Business: Thanks Cloud Business One.

Host: Sorry to cut in again but its time to pay the bills. Let’s tune out for a commercial break!