The Cloud Dating Game
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Host: Now weren’t those interesting spots from our advertisers. One more paid announcement before we move on to question three. From the good people at Cloud Incorporated. “Your product isn’t cloud ready until you say it is.” Lucky business please ask question 3.

Lucky Business: thanks Bob. Cloud Business Three, with all the recent failures of cloud based solution providers can you tell me about you deal with COOP and DR? And of course you can ask clarifying questions.

Cloud Business Three: Thanks – I hope my questions aren’t offensive. When you say DR, are you referring to DR for our organization or DR for our customers?

Lucky Business: Your questions are fine – actually I would be intrigued by your thoughts on both.

Cloud Business Three: OK – well for our organization we have three geographically dispersed data centers that are connected by what used to be called an OC48 Sonnet Ring.  Our customers can opt (for an additional charge of course) to have information stored in all three, any two or just one data center. We keep a duplicate of any one data center in the other centers but the additional fault tolerance is for those customer’s whose solution cannot go down, ever. Much like the old dual homed servers it simply offers greater fault tolerance in the case of a disaster. In the case of COOP, we are an ISO and ITIL shop, as much of continuity services relies on the human element. We work with our customer’s constantly on drills and practice runs to prevent outages.

Lucky Business: Thanks Cloud Business Three. Cloud Business Two the same question?

Cloud Business Two: We offer a variety of options in both COOP, HA and DR. We find it is as much about the overall cost of the program as it is anything else.

Lucky Business:: Thanks you Cloud Business Two, Cloud Business One the same question please.

Cloud Business One: We offer tiered pricing like the other two vendors. We feel we are uniquely positioned in this space as we work with you on what is actually something you will need in the case of a DR. Rather than moving 100% of your stuff between various dispersed data center we find the “required” functionality, applications and data and have those available for you in the DR Window. Additional, nice to have functionality comes along alter.

Lucky Business: thanks! That was an interesting answer Cloud Business One.

Host: Sorry to cut in but we have to go to another commercial break. We will be back in a jiffy with question four!