Wait–don’t change the connector




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Flipping connection even further. over the years I had a number of Pocket PC devices. the issue was the relationship between upgrade and “cable” or “connector” change on the device. I recently read that Apple is considering a new mini-doc connector for the new Iphone 5. That change will impact a number of the device connections I have today resulting in my not being able to leverage that as much. I suspect I can continue to use the ipad for many of the connections but still that change has an impact.

Each change like that has an impact on the next steps you take. The number of connectsions you have (in my case it would be three, Ihealth, Desk/speaker phone and my home projector) as well as the myriad of value add connectors I have for the Iphone/Ipad combination (better microphones, adapters, connectors, HD Radio, FM Radio etc).

Which in a round about way brings me back to the concepts of connection. There are a number of near field connection solutions (Bluetooth is the big one right now) that allow you have a series of connections to various devices. That set of connections realistically comprises the components of a data set. You collect information from devices using the connections. For example you don’t think about it but syncing your car’s system with your contacts is a connection and a data issue.

The data within the connection becomes as important as the connection itself (call home!).