The flip side of connection…

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I was playing with a new connected device (Escort Radar Detector) for the car yesterday. First off it was a very easy device to connect (Bluetooth) to the iPad and the software is kind of cool.

It speaks to the connection topic of my blog this week. The concept of connecting the devices around you to information that you need.

I suspect however that an interesting security flaw exists. Since the software on the iPad collects information about how fast you are driving, could the police subpoena your iPad or Iphone and ask to see the records of that software? In effect no longer requiring the reason for the radar detector in the first place by catching you using the detector against you?

It seems far fetched but it is feasible. I wonder what the ACLU would say about that. It really isn’t an invasion of privacy as you’ve chosen to put the device in your car. You could argue that it is to a small degree flight from prosecution (although that is a stretch at best) since you are attempting to avoid a ticket.

The other side of connection and connections is exposure. What do you exposure yourself to. Say for example that under the patriot act the US Government decides to force all Bluetooth stacks to include a take over function for law enforcement. This would allow the police to take over your device (hi-jacking) as they do on a number of spy shows currently. Suddenly everything on your device is exposed for them to review. Including of course that wonderful new application that tells them when you are speeding. Remember that the FBI never caught Al Capone for violent crimes, he went to prison for income tax evasion.

How much do you speed?

Its not a radar detector any longer it’s a remember to slow down and drive the speed limit device.



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