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The connected office –

I have been playing around with the concept of mobility and connectivity for the past few years. But recently there was a new wrinkle for me (having an office outside the home).

The concept of a connected office is not new. Companies have been wiring offices for years. The baseline service provided by the office you have is pretty clear. Your telephone, network and if you have a laptop your docking station are components of the connected office.

What does the connected office of the future look like? are there things we don’t have/do today that will become commonplace? For example I bought a projector for my home office/home theatre 5 years ago that was nearly 2000 dollars. The same quality projector can now be had for less than 600 bucks. Better quality projectors with higher ansi ratings and HD quality outputs can be had for 800 dollars now. Will in fact the office of the future have a built in projector? Or will that simply be built into the laptop of the future?

What about interactive whiteboards? (IWB) I have been using the ebeam system in my office – frankly it is a great value add. It captures everything on the whiteboard and even after the meeting you can take the drawings and edit them.

Or perhaps the concept of the connected pen?

What promise does the office of tomorrow hold? (imagine virtual file cabinets instead of lurking large wooden ones).