The four parts of new solutions…or why I learned to love IT Sprawl…

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My title today is a tribute to Dr. Strangelove. A movie that has great personal meaning.

This week – a new Safegov blog posted, a new IASA blog posted and 7 new blogs on my other two blogs. I do rewrite the ones for safegov considerably as those tend to be more polished thoughts than the ones held here.

I have been thinking about my transition away form the Macintosh computer and then back. I suspect I am not the prime apple customer – although I do tend to look for options and devices that support what I need to do.

Which brings me to the question who is the ideal technology customer? Do the companies want people who are going to string together 3400 USB devices or are they looking for the user that has 1 USB device connected at t a time.

Who is the ideal consumer?

First, (and you probably already guess where this is going) you have those users who ask for net new solutions and therefore contribute to the broader IT Sprawl problem. Then you have users who master a program to the point where when the organization moves on from that solution, they can’t go with the org as easily. Finally you have the people who try and discard technology at a rapid rate. Each of them contributing in their way to the problems of IT Sprawl.

But when we consider them as consumers we now begin to see the pattern. You must upgrade to the latest and greatest version or you are missing out.

The ideal consumer – a play in four parts.

Part 1: someone with money or need for a solution

Part 2: someone willing to part with the money to fill the need

Part 3: someone who can set-up or find someone to set-up the new solution for them.

Part 4: someone willing to buy into the endless upgrades offered by the vendors.


I wonder where the problem really is?