Speeding up file transfers on the home network…




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Moving files around your network shouldn’t be such a pain and yet it is. Windows Home group was supposed to fix some of that problem but frankly it is still there. As much the network itself as it is anything else. For the most part as we head into the modern “cloud” age we don’t think as much about file transfers as we used to.

Once upon a time a file transfer was limited to about 12 meg – or just less than the maximum capacity of a 1.44 meg floppy disk (although by then the disk was no longer floppy).

With the advent of networks we began moving larger files. But you still have limits and reality. Now we move larger and larger files in more and more places and it seems to me that the reality has slipped away.

This weekend I started consolidating a bunch of family videos and began moving them into my family pictures and family video achieves. The reality of the transfer is that it takes forever.

I am also consolidating several document libraries into a single store for future sharing purposes. The reality is that I have to move more than 120 gig of data across my home network. When you consider that most of the traffic is in fact over a wired network not a wi-fi network the total net new transfer shouldn’t take more than 4 hours. Of course it does because of the nature of file transfers.

My new thought pattern is the overall concept of how do we make file transfers better. Bit level replication has been a dream for a number of years. There are several WAN acceleration companies that offer WAN compression but not copying duplicate bits over the WAN.

But the home network remains saturated when you move files around.