Reducing Power Cord Sprawl…

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I am taking a break from IT Sprawl for a day to recharge a little. Plus my friends email still has me laughing and I want to reduce the idea sprawl on the internet. So I am reducing idea sprawl by not posting about IT Sprawl today.

For the past two days I have been charging electronic devices. Mostly because I probably have too many of them but also because they each require a certain type of charging cable or a usb connection to complete the charging process.

I’ve posted in the past about this – improving charging.  Recently I purchased the “multiple” USB chargers the ones that support 4 or more devices. The problem right now for me is that everyone uses different adapters for the actual device. (well nto everyone, but a lot of the devices I use).

Apple has two types (Mac and Ios), Windows PC’s vary even within family’s (most Lenovo’s use the same, but some are different) and of course a Lenovo adapter doesn’t work with a Dell laptop and vice versa. My video camera (Sony) and my blogging video camera (Sony) both have different adapters. My good canon camera has a pull the battery out to charge it charger.

There has to be a better way. Possibly an induction plate or simpler way to charge the various devices we have. Wait I’ve even got a consistent naming system for the new power supply system “Let’s reduce Power Cord Sprawl.” (sorry about that I had to do it).

Seriously I test and use a lot of gadgets and frankly remembering who uses what charger is confusing at times. I would love to reduce the Power Cord Sprawl that my office has become. It would actually be nice to have oh say 10 or 12 less power cords. It would also make it easier when I lose a specific power cord and have to go find it. Or give up and buy a new one, only to find the old one the day the new one arrives.