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The human, software connection

What is your favorite software application on your computer? By favorite it can’t be a name or a simple I like the application, it has to be the application you use every day. And that can be Outlook, but would you use it if you weren’t working?

My favorite application is actually Microsoft Word. Not because I worked at Microsoft but because as a writer, it is the application that I use the most because I want to. I learned to type and write on a Royal Manual typewriter. Over time I migrated into the computer world and used a number of different word processors over the years. MS Word remains the one application that I would say is resolutely my favorite.

What is the one application that helps you be a better person? The applications that helps you do the things you want to do? It is the connection between human and machine that results in the favorite choice. What is your closest point of connection to your computer?

What is your favorite software application on your mobile device? The wonder of the cellular device is the freedom it gives you. Personally I really enjoy having mapping applications available at my fingertips. Ever since I learned about topographic maps while in Boy Scouts (now more than 2 years ago) I have been a GPS and map freak. The ability to find where I am and get to where I need to be without hassle or worry is a fantastic tool – my personal favorite mobile application.

If that application were to be made closer to what you wanted how would it change? What are the things that you find missing that would make it even better? That is the other side of the human software connection. The fact that nothing is static. Over time things change and develop, improving based on the thoughts and ideas presented by a single user at times. Making the software better fit the niche in your life.

What would make your favorite software better?