Shameless Review of the new IPAD

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Shameless Review IPAD 2012

(for lack of a better name, you could call it the IPAD HD, The IPAD 3 or just the IPAD as well)

I spent many years waiting for a tablet. I take notes at meetings so that I can review them later and have been searching for a device that will do the note thing effectively.

To date, I have not replaced my livescribe pen with my Ipad. The livescribe (echo smart pen) remains my note taking device of choice.

As with all tablets I follow a simple process – the first thing is to start doing my blog on the device. I don’t like the primary and secondary software options on the IPAD so after using Blogsy and a couple of others for three days I stopped using the Ipad for my blog. I did do my last two podcasts on the Ipad – so it does have some value in the space. I wouldn’t rate it as a bad device, I just don’t like the software.

Things I like

Things I hate


screen (OMG)

virtual keyboard (if you have fat fingers like me it’s a bit hard to use)


LTE network (really fast)


The AT&T service is awesome!

battery (last a solid 9 hours) hot hot hot (the device heats up pretty bad when used for an extended period)
Uses all Apple accessories   Huge plus – being able to reuse things makes upgrades less painful
upgrade was virtually painless   Now we own two iPads, the upgrade was simple for me – and the kids got a new toy.

All in all I highly recommend the new IPAD. Even for those with an IPAD2, the graphics alone make it a great device. The improved radio stack take it even one step further. As a former (loved it) portable TV service user, having Hulu, SlingMedia and other video services like Netflix and Blockbuster Online makes this an incredible tool.

3 things apple could improve:

  • Integration with Amazon for Cloud storage and cloud drive reuse
  • the virtual keyboard needs fat finger mode to reduce typing errors
  • Better blogging software.

It’s a great tool, the business modeling and other software packages including the Microanalysis tools make this device a winner go forward. We will have to see what windows 8 offers.