The Ides of Cloud

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Beware the ides of March.

It has a magical appeal, coming from Oracle to Julius Caesar warning him that bad things would happen to him on the 15th of March. It brings to mind an interesting statement “Beware the Ides of Cloud Computing.”

The ills/risks/dangers here aren’t just one day with Brutus, a knife and some bystanders who won’t help. The risks are every day. The reality of the ides right now? No Oracle warning of that in fact there is something to be wary of. (not that Oracle the company wouldn’t warn us, just that in the best sense of what an Oracle does, Oracle the Company can’t do Soothsaying is outside of the realm for software development companies today).

What are the risks?

  • The security drum is pretty well beaten and may in fact not really be as big of a cloud risk as we’ve been led to believe.
  • The cost of migration is significant and the reality of that migration? You probably should have rewritten your application rather than simply porting what you have into the cloud.
  • Virtualization is not cloud computing. That huge risk let’s people assume that by virtualizing their solution they are ready for the cloud – see bullet two, it ain’t the same baby.
  • Bandwidth is everywhere and nowhere. You can’t assume that just because you get four bars today in your local starbucks that you are going to get the same amount tomorrow. The number of people using the solution are growing. The amount of bandwidth is not growing as fast. There will be a great burp (I know but I had to sneak that in) that will impact that bandwidth as well (making people realize its not going to be always on and always available).

There are many more risks these Ides of Cloud. But now my fingers are tired from typing so I will stop here.