Returning to the Syncverse, yes, it is still there…

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In my book “The Syncverse” many pieces of which originally appeared in my blog and podcasts, I talk about the concept of one solution that would allow for people to have hold and store the things that were important to them. It would have to leverage a USN and GUID system as per the various standards (with in the case USN represent the Universal Synchronization number for any specific solution based on a Globally Unique Identification or GUID of a specific data set).

There are many solutions that have come into being since I wrote my book that get close to the concept but still lack a number of critical components.

  1. Universal Access
  2. Security
  3. Ease of use/access
  4. one drive to rule them all and in the cloud bind them

I would like to talk about the last one today. I’ve beaten the other topics more in the past than I have the concept of one drive to rule them all. I’ve been playing with cloud drives for the past month or so.

During that time I have found some interesting things.

  • Gladinet is a great tool if you intend to embrace cloud storage solutions
  • backup solutions to the cloud are slow and most are expensive. I strongly recommend Carbonite for lower cost and reasonable speed.
  • Bandwidth remains an issue – yesterday while uploading 20 gigs to a cloud drive and running my cloud backup solution, the rest of the PC’s in the house had virtually no access to the Internet. I don’t have the most expensive Comcast Xfinity solution, but I don’t have the cheapest either.
  • Automated synchronization requires an application (see Gladinet above). There aren’t as many sync programs on the Macintosh.

The cloud concept is one that will in the end change the way we use and leverage computers. What cloud doesn’t provide us is the path to the Syncverse concept. That I suspect will have to come from cobbling a number of solutions together in the short run.