Nothing new, lots of in-fighting and 23 people trying to get through the door at the same time…

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I am beginning to realize that it impacts me more than I want to admit, this feeling that there is nothing new in software architecture.

Partially because I spent so many years chasing the dream of a profession. I still see a profession in the future, but until the various groups can all just “get along” I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

In the fullest sense of disclosure I am a member of IASA. I have been for a number of years and so I do support IASA’s point of view in relation to the overall concept of a profession for architects.

What concerns me is that there are a number of organizations now that continue to spring up. I have been using the comparison to the presidential race going on in the US right now. What would happen if every week a new candidate joined the race. It may in fact happen that someone will wait until the entire race is over and jump in at the last minute. They (probably Sarah Palin if anyone) won’t suffer the slings and arrows of the race up until then. That is the problem with the many organizations being created now around software architecture.

  • There are too many variables
  • There are too many certifications
  • There are too many people touting their particular certification is the only certification of value
  • There are too many people touting that their organization is the only one seeing the future of software architecture.

I got back over and over again to other professions. You don’t have competing certification boards they are quickly killed. You don’t have numbers of professional organizations professing that they are the one to join. You usually have one focused core group and several smaller specialty groups.

If you had asked me 5 years ago about a timeline for having a profession I would have said we would have one by now. I was so focused on building that profession that I didn’t read the tea leaves.

If you asked me now I would say it is still 10 to even 20 years away. which is why it makes me sad that there is nothing “New” in software architecture.