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Looking further into the crystal ball I realized that someone probably needed to get a little closer with the Windex so that it wasn’t quite so blurry.

The developer of new devices and software fades away and a new thing sort of swims into view. It’s a device, small, appearing to be a computer but with no wires or strings other than a power cable which appears to lead to a reflective surface on the back of the jacket the person was wearing.

In face everyone seemed to be wearing the boxes, they smiled at other people as they passed, looking at the devices in their hands. They were thin devices, barely as thick as a screen of today. It was flexible as well, one person walking suddenly rolled up his screen and placed it in his pocket.

I noticed as different people walked by the various screens on the walls the ads actually changed. The ads appeared to be targeted to that specific person with a tiny little download button on the bottom of the screen. I noticed one person downloading one of the screens it appeared to move into the device on the back of his jacket.

Welcome to the future I thought. still driven by ads!