The chicken, the egg and who ran away with the business…

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Recently there have been a spate of articles about why IT and the business don’t get along. Each of the articles professes the insight as to why there is a separation.

I wonder however why there is a separation. More because of the nature of technology and the reality of consumerization of IT. I wonder if in fact there is a gap or simply reality.

It is an interesting problem when you consider it. The chicken (the gulf between IT and the business) and the egg (the reality of IT and the business).

IT is the guardian of corporate data. They are the gallant knights of solutions and operations. They build and manage solutions for the enterprise. But sometimes a piece of the enterprise needs to move faster than IT can.

Personally I believe the mission of IT (Secure, Operate and evolve) doesn’t fit today with the consumer reality (get it done and move on).

Users and by users I mean the business often forget that operations (backup, restore, secure solutions and helpdesk) all require a level of standardization that isn’t available in many consumer applications.

Try calling a corporate helpdesk and then email the tech support team for a consumer product. The helpdesk assigns a human and a ticket, your email gets an automated response. Sure most tech support orgs get rid of the calls in less than 48 hours but your helpdesk is focused on solving your problem much faster. That level of support requires a level of consistency and standardization that isn’t available if you take the consumer based throw it out and see if it works model.

On the other hand IT can and often is too slow. Back to the chicken and the egg metaphor and which comes first. Well the reality is that you get chickens from eggs and eggs from chickens. You need a stable place for both to grow and flourish. You need to remove predators (security), provide a warm and dry place for the egg to mature (operations) resulting in a new chicken.

As IT adapts to the extension of what it has done in the past and adds in the greater speed required now I think the value solution is to create a more pattern based operations environment that can be leveraged more effectively by developers.

As we consider the new applications IT will need to build, operations and agility will become the new buzz words. How can we build and deploy solutions quickly that will impact the business in a positive manner.

More to come…