The shortest distance is a circle.

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The shortest distance between two points is realizing you are on the wrong side of very thin ice. Or is it that you are on the wrong side of well, everything. Straight lines don’t exist on the Internet. If you saw a routing map between the major telco’s and the various other systems that have wire and routers that make up what we call the Internet it would scare you.

It has more hops than Sam Adams winter ale.

Every hop leaves its little impression on the packets that go by. This adds weight to the packet if that is possible in reality is adds size. Over time the packets grow in size until they begin to overflow. Many people argue that the adoption of IPv6 fixes this. I wonder. But then I am the great voice in the wilderness saying there is a burp coming.

Not that I am the Nostradamus of the Internet age. You throw enough crap on the wall something will stick by default.