Developing the future of tomorrow

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The developers edge of functionality.

Do applications sense that they are running out of bandwidth?

When does the last time an application said to you, I am switching into light mode to reduce the strain on your network connection. Or I am switching into small screen mode, where a smaller portion of the screen real estate is magnified for easier use.

Probably never.

That is the developers change over the next two to three years. Making applications that work with you and for you.

If you think about cloud computing (I find I spend a lot of time doing just that) in the end you realize that the reality of the future has nothing to do with the cost savings cloud computing offers today. It has to do with the future evolution of solutions to meet the ever growing needs of the users and organizations that leverage them.

Cloud is a platform for the future. As we move down the path of cloud computing its important to remember that. We aren’t building the computing models of today, we are building the computing models for the next five years.

Develop the solution of tomorrow that can grow with its own evolution.