Limpid pools of data so green they make your eyes look orange…

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Heading further down the conceptual path of functional boundaries. In planning applications for the future there are several components that have to be considered. I listed a few of them right before thanksgiving.

Do developers think about these issues? Do infrastructure guys plan for them?

The reality is we don’t. We don’t plan for elastic solutions that can on the fly switch from remote to local processing and are “bandwidth” aware knowing what to send and when to send it. We don’t have the ability today to work from pools of data when seeking a result (see the Syncverse Essays of a year ago for more information in that space).

That last piece about data is actually a new term I am going to call elastic data. Like a rubber band you can stretch your data collection beyond one central store. Data pools allow for great flexibility (I only have to capture the delta or changed information or for that matter the subset of new data that is relevant to what I am doing.

I should probably republish a bunch of the Syncverse stuff eventually. I was trying to pull it into a book but that isn’t going so well.