More thoughts on the functional and operational boundaries

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I was thinking about my post of the last few days around the concept of operational and functional boundaries. It is a concept that resonates with me. To put it simply there are things you have to consider beyond simply adopting the cloud.

You have to think about what the impact of the overall solution is. People rush to cloud computing without considering the many limiting factors. Of course that leaves many rusted hulks by the side of the road and fear among CIO’s saying look, they failed, look it isn’t secure, look it goes down all the time.

The reality is however that the cloud is already there. The public cloud is a growing concern with more and more solutions offered in its ever growing library.

But simply saying if you can’t stop the bus get on isn’t the right answer, either. There has to be a measured reality or to many people will say we can’t do this, it is to hard.

Complexity doesn’t always equal failure but it doesn’t often equal success.