The un-decisions of migrations…

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Migrating to the cloud. I’ve been a migration person for years. I am not a deep in the weeds technical migration guru – although I know a number of those folks – they are very good at what they do. I am more of a deep planning and business value expert in the area of migrations.

This brings me to the recent spate of articles/blogs/whitepapers that have been published about the concepts of an IaaS cloud migration.

Reality is its not about the migration. You can pick up an entire organization and dump it into the cloud. That can be done. It is labor intensive and probably isn’t the overall right answer. The overall right answer I suspect heads closer to the broad concepts of what do you need to move, and why are you moving it.

There are a number of “limiting” factors in migrations. But there are also a number of considerations when you consider a migration. They (migrations) have long been seen as a negative thing. Are they really?

I find them as much to be a chance to clean up your mistakes from the past as they are anything else. A chance to make right what got “un-right” over time.

My new thinking is migrations are actually a series of un-decisions rather than a set of new decisions. Removing those things from your system that you decided on, that in the end just didn’t work.

more to come!