Cloud Computing, Crowd Sourcing a dream…

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Freedom of access.

I’ve talked a few times about the concept of expanding crowd sourcing to where it can benefit ideas and problems by throwing resources at them. It is an idea that offers the vale of cloud computing in a much broader open source manner.

With crowd sourcing of ideas you run the chance of the new Edison or Einstein picking up the pieces of your idea and making something great out of it. The problem of course is credit.

How do you deal with the egos of people?

You cannot manage a community  (because you are then no longer a part of that community.) you have to help the idea and community grow from within. But that means in the end no ownership.

It is not the purity of Marxism. Or for that matter socialism. There has to be a provision that allows for the advancer to get credit. There also needs to be a solution that supports the actual creation of the idea as well.

This ties together with the problems of Cloud Computing today.

  • Negative Culture (sentences that begin with Yes, But or No, that is wrong)
  • Me Culture (I am managing this therefore…)
  • False idol leadership (watch out for this one)

So, I throw this out as a concept to the Crowd for idea sourcing. How do we in a positive way solve these three problems?