Where oh where does my information live?




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Where does information hide?

It is a question that I have asked people for years. Information is often on the hard drives in the room, or worse in the heads in the room and not even typed into an electronic document.

How does an information management system handle that issue?

Beyond the extremely complex issues of search and information relevance is the issue of getting the information into the system.

  • Who can contribute to the system?
  • What can they contribute?
  • How do we share that information?

This goes to the great myth that information is information. The reality is information isn’t information. The importance of the submission is as much the three points above as it is the information itself.

Your neighbor Tim, who is a professional building architect is probably not the best source of information about the process of transplanting a kidney. He may have experienced it personally in some way, but doesn’t have the expertise required to actually do the transplant. However if, as a survivor, he wants to submit an article coping with a transplant he would in fact be the perfect source for that.

Information is both a tool and a function. Missing the function piece can be very dangerous.