The great gift of writing!

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The long and winding road. It is a great line, and of course great lines deserve repeating (“Look upon my works ye mighty and despair” remains my personal tag line.). The ability to create something that other people say or repeat is an amazing gift.

If you think about it, and most of us don’t, creative writing, painting and other creative arts comes from a part of us we don’t always understand. The artists as a tortured soul comes to mind.

Creativity is a part of us as children, but we learn to suppress it. As parents we wonder at the ability of our children to generate works of art. Secretly we envy that ability to freely create.

As a child my mother encouraged me to write poetry. She read my poems and actually had a book of them published for me on my 16th birthday. I loved and continue to love writing poems about the world around me. It helps me feel like I am part of the solution not part of the problem.

Creativity is such a component piece of my childhood as well – I visited the Louvre when I was very young, as well as a number of art galleries in other European and American cities. Art and visual artists amaze me. I feel at times like the Italian composer in Amadeus (paraphrased) why lord have you gifted me the ears to hear your voice but not the fingers to create the sounds.