Delegation is not the answer–but consider the impact of cooperation…

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I wonder sometimes as I sit in my office thinking. I suspect that is a bad thing overall. But I can’t help it. I wonder about the things that impact me. I sometimes find myself reviewing situations in hopes of figuring out what I could have done differently. Often I realize that I could have been a little more open or a little nicer.

Then I realize just how many people I know that fit into that category. That they could have been a little nicer or they could have been a little more open. Oh well.

Interesting thought this morning has to do with leadership. If you ask someone to do something you will not do, is that good leadership?

The concept has to do with delegation. If you delegate something to me, will you or could you do it yourself? If you can do it yourself but it is more expedient for me to do it that is one thing. I am all for spreading the load when it is possible. If you are trying to pass ownership that is another thing.

  1. I have to want to own it.
  2. There has to be value for me.
  3. What is the relationship prior to this delegation

Delegation changes things, it says I am in charge. It says that what I am doing is more important than what you are doing (sometimes). I know a lot of people that when they delegate something to you it feels like they are passing the buck rather than actually considering the value of what needs to be done.

When it is a partnership you never feel like it is delegation. The myth behind the concept “do more by helping others succeed” is that delegation is the way to help others succeed. People want and have to believe that in fact you will do the things you are asking them to do. If they don’t feel that then they won’t engage with you.

I think the real concept is increase your impact by creating a cooperative environment where everyone is heard.