Da Boys are 13!!!




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I cannot believe the day and the change. My children are the world to me – I love them for all their quirks. But on this day, 13 years ago I was standing in an operating room convinced I was losing both my son’s (as they were being born) and my beloved wife. I can’t believe they are 13 years old.

They came home (about two weeks after they were born) the most amazing creatures. Like my daughter I was fascinated by these new creatures. Now they have personalities and ideas and they are amazing human beings. Its fun to talk to them about what they believe and hear their thoughts and ideas.

Children are a gift and a curse. A curse in that they are only children for a short time. A gift in that every day you spend with a child is a day you can smile in wonder at the amazing minds they have. As they get older they get to be more and more fun. They listen, talk and eventually come to share concepts with you about the world around them.

I love my children. On this special rite of passage day I wish to send the best out into the world for my sons.

In some cultures 13 is the rite of manhood. In our culture it has become the passage from child to pre-teen and then teenager. I am excited by the prospect of getting to walk with my sons (as I walked with my daughter) during this journey to adulthood.

Boys – dad loves you no matter what!


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