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I’ve been traveling via airplanes for most of the past 12 years. In and out of airports and rental cars a lot during that time. In the old days a few of us carried multiple devices and knew where all the plugs ins at various airports were. Then various companies began adding power strips to the airport so that you could recharge. Smart phones (which have less battery life than the old cellular phones.

So now it’s the mad scramble for power. Or perhaps more along the lines of he who has the power strip is king.

Then I started thinking about the power systems and airports of the future. In fact my mind initially raced to the concept of universal power (all devices powered by a power source that is shared) but realized that would probably cause cancer. So the reality is that charging stations will continue to exist. But I wonder if the airline of the future will include charging stations in every seat as a convenience or will airlines continue to charge extra (business class, first class etc.) for the power systems?

Or perhaps you can join a charging club that offers you free wi-fi and free charging as part of your membership. These could be located in airports or virtually anywhere in the world. It could be the “Charge Club” for travelers. You could even include more formalized traveling services with this as well:


  • Device Charging
  • Wi-FI
  • Movies
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Backups
  • Local Storage (in the store) that would move to your cloud backup account
  • Transition services (so you can have a copy of your presentation etc)

The beauty of this solution is you would only need an application and a kiosk to do this. The Kiosk could sit anywhere and offer a set number of people the chance to recharge their devices, download media and complete the other listed tasks.