Creating a traveling office

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Over the years I have traveled so much that I’ve had to spend time thinking about how do you make traveling easier. What devices do you have to have for easier travel?

Top Devices:

  • Netbook
  • MP3 Player
  • Video Camera to call home
  • Laptop
  • Sling Device
  • Cradle point Wi-FI router
  • Portable scanner and printer
  • Smart Phone

Top Software Packages

  • Connectify (instant hotspot) with a windows 7 laptop!
  • Office 2010 (productivity)


Its amazing how long the list really is (and in the end how much stuff you still have to carry with you (or maybe that is just me). The amount of gear you have to carry is less now than it was, but there are a number of things you need for comfort when traveling for more than a week!


On the way out of town

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Is there a worse for you (but taste good food) then McDonald’s hash browns?

I will be traveling during the game today – so GO BEARS!

When I travel – I remember how much I love the Kindle! Its really nice to have 8 or more hours of entertainment options so that I am not stuck watching whatever movie they provide for the flight.

The other thing however about traveling is leaving home.

Lots of things to figure out.

So adieu for now…



Some solution thinking

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I am right.

It is an interesting phrase when you think about it. Everyone is right at times. No one can be wrong all the time. But how many conversations do we enable with the “I’m right” polka. A dance that when you think about it really isn’t very effective at all. Yet we do this all the time…

I had a manager once who loved one of the team. No matter how nasty that person was the manager felt they could do no wrong. The rest of the team just pulled away which is what happens when you allow the I’m right polka to happen on a team. That person struggled when they moved to another manager because they were no longer always right. To steal from American Bandstand – “I like, like the I’m right polka. Its fresh and the beat is easy to dance to. I give it a 74.”

Its an easy trap to fall into.

I suffer from the I’m right polka frequently just like most of the people I know (which is probably because we all suffer from I’m rightitis anyway). It isn’t an easy to solve problem but something that takes time and care. So I wonder what the options are for this problem.

  • Pick the hill you want to die on (the you can’t always be right option). My grandfather used to always say to me “is this the hill you want to die on.” This was his way of saying “look before you leap).
  • Is there a value in being right? If there is, be right, but be aware.
  • Give the other person a way out with dignity.
  • Find the connection between you and the idea that is causing you to need to be right

There are times when it is ok to be right. The question is should you ever do the “I’m Right”polka. If you answer every question with because does it matter if you are right?

It’s a process –



Aging, loss and being a father

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways we could make the world a better place. I suspect that is as much be being a father as it is me being a “futurist.” Dad’s worry about things like where will my kids end up and will they be happy. It comes with the injection they give you right after you hold your kid for the first time.

So what does the future hold? For many years I believed in the old song “Que Sera Sera” whatever will be will be. But I’ve come recently to realize there is a missing pause in that statement. A momentary glimpse caused by a pause rather than a simple statement without the pause.

Whatever will be, (pause, wait for affect check your watch hold your breath smile) will be. It’s almost a fatalistic view when you add the pause (pre-determined, told, made so, destiny). You see in that pause we are all uncomfortable. We all live in that pause. That is the line between what is, and what will be.

I’ve lost a friend to something every decade of my life except the first one. I was sixteen when one of my friends died of Aids. From there every 10 years was filled with a death. Is death what will be? Of course it is, we all die at some point. This life we live ends. We move to something else (pending of course your personal belief system) that is hopefully better. But this life ends.

So the pause is critical. The pause defines us as human beings. The pause is what makes us human.

Our oldest dog is 15 years old. She joined our family in Cincinnati Ohio and has moved with us twice (once in Cincinnati and then to Indianapolis). She is blind now and can barely make it out of the bedroom. She still comes out to share the family popcorn (she was, when younger able to snatch popcorn kernels 4 and 5 feet off the ground in a graceful leaping catch). But she is fading. You can see less light in her eyes now as she struggles to stand up. It is the covenant she and I signed when she joined our family. I will protect you.

I wonder what will be.

I do not wish my fear to make Gwen suffer. But I do not wish to make that choice that people make to end the suffering yet. Whatever will be, will be.



What would Aliens think of my blog?

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My two page a day habit.

It started out as a New Year’s resolution – blog more often nearly 4 years ago. I have now published (between my two blogs) 1500 + posts. Or figure roughly 750 days of dual posting. That is more than 2 years of dual posting.

Its gotta be a nasty habit!

I once wrote “Poets who read their poems out loud may have other nasty habits” I wonder how that equates to people who blast their semi-conscious (well in my case as I write this at 6 in the morning) thoughts to the universe.

What would aliens think reading this blog about blogging as a nasty habit I do every morning. What would they believe blogging to be?

Thoughts like tendrils of a giant squid floating in the ocean with no connection to the squid. What are they? What does blogging mean? Imagine the puzzled look on the poor aliens faces as they struggle to figure out what the tendril actually was and how it connected and worked. My blog, Alien Confuse System!

Non-serious ending:

Best Movies I’ve watched (some for the second time) in the past month

  • The King’s Speech
  • Outsourced
  • The A-Team (watched with the boys can’t help myself)

Thanks for reading!

(For any aliens trying to figure out this blog, I’ve embedded a secret message).


Putting the Syncverse down and going to bed

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I’ve been working on the Syncverse and its components now for more than 5 months. It is now away (nearly 120 posts on the topic) for awhile as I edit and clean it up. I will have to send it to my agent for shopping around to book sellers.

Today I would like to focus on an interesting comment made – are you a professional simply because it is in your auto-signature?

That is a chicken and egg question. If you have a high school diploma, are you a high school graduate? yes. Is your high school diploma the same as the person next to you? Possibly if you came from the same state and graduated around the same time. Laws change and requirements change as well over time.

The process of accreditation helps us realize our goal of being recognized as a professional. For software architecture today there are really only two ways of achieving that (open groups boards and the IASA CITA-P boards). That is the recognition that allows you to say “I am a certified Architect”

But the other side of the question is are you not an architect if you don’t have a certification? The answer to that is simple today: you are still an architect.

Ten years from now, however, my hope is that the answer would be no, you are not an architect if you aren’t certified. The argument now is how do we get there.

Thanks for the comment!!



Syncverse, “The End”

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The End

The end is a new beginning. I heard that once during a presentation (also not at the very end of the book, although in both cases the end was/is very near). You begin with promise, connecting and syncing all of my multimedia devices (and for that matter your multimedia devices also) and you end with a dream (building a Syncverse that will hopefully contribute to making this world a better place).

Change however is the variable humans both despise and frankly are afraid of as well. In January 2011 there was a study published by a scientist saying that it was too late to stop the impact of global warming. He wrote in the article that we should “get used to change now.” Climate changes caused by years of releasing carbon dioxide into the air were inevitable.

Yet you still hear arguments against global warming. Arguments that scientists are making the information up, or that human beings didn’t cause the problem. Go to any major city located near a river and look at the river. They look disgusting. Litter on the shores, the water discolored and you don’t see many fish. Humans have change the world forever. This of course could be for the best if something else is born of this. Change can produce good as well as bad.

The problem is well the number of people working on the problem. You have two significant camps of people the first are the scientists trying to solve the problem. If we were to implement the changes that are the Syncverse we could increase the number of eyes looking at the problem. The more eyes that view the problems the greater our chance that the scientist saying it is too late, is wrong.

Of course there always remains the broad problem of “ignorance is bliss.” Ignorance is a word that drives me up the wall. I’ve heard people call other people “ignorant and dumb” for years. But the very use of the word ignorant is often uninformed. A person who is dumb cannot through a physical, emotional or physiological issue speak. It truly has nothing to do with intelligence. Stupid or uninformed comes closer to what people are trying to say, it’s that in truth you haven’t been exposed to the information needed to make a good decision.

Enter the Syncverse again, not only a way to take big problems with lots of people, now an effective way to get a 360 degree view of issues, problems and questions around us. It is never about the decision you make, it is about the information you use to make that decision. The Syncverse becomes a tool for helping us change the world. With fingers crossed (and your toes, my toes and several million other people’s fingers and toes) this could be a better way to solve some of the nagging questions raised and discussed in this book and many other books.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a world where people are judged not for the way they look or the color of their skin but for the contents of their minds. To change the intent of Aldus Huxley’s line “ah what a brave new world to have people such as this (in it)” making it a positive. That world is a better place because we have all connected. We have the information we need to solve the problems we face and millions of minds thinking about those problems.

Can we face a future with unlimited potential? Oh yeah, and synchronize all my media files so I can have them on every device!