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Review –

So I’ve been a consumer for a long time. Lately I find myself going to Amazon (except for other searches – then I am going to Bing 99% of the time – only been to Google once in the past 4 months) a lot.

  • What does customer service mean? Once upon a time it meant the customer was always right. has the easiest and frankly best return solution I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve returned two things to them, ever. Each time the process was smooth and frankly endeared Amazon to me, even more.
  • Selection, wow here is where Amazon shines. Of course the search can be painful at times, but that is as much my issue as theirs.
  • Speed of shipping, its nice to control that. The email notifications are also very nice.
  • Email notifications of things (games and movies in particular) that I might be interested.
  • The “customers who bought this also bought this” banner can be a great tool (or a pain).

I find myself more loyal to Amazon now than I was 2 years ago. That loyalty continues to grow. I may even stop going to Best Buy soon. It simply is so much easier to shop in your Pj’s.