Putting the Syncverse down and going to bed




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I’ve been working on the Syncverse and its components now for more than 5 months. It is now away (nearly 120 posts on the topic) for awhile as I edit and clean it up. I will have to send it to my agent for shopping around to book sellers.

Today I would like to focus on an interesting comment made – are you a professional simply because it is in your auto-signature?

That is a chicken and egg question. If you have a high school diploma, are you a high school graduate? yes. Is your high school diploma the same as the person next to you? Possibly if you came from the same state and graduated around the same time. Laws change and requirements change as well over time.

The process of accreditation helps us realize our goal of being recognized as a professional. For software architecture today there are really only two ways of achieving that (open groups boards and the IASA CITA-P boards). That is the recognition that allows you to say “I am a certified Architect”

But the other side of the question is are you not an architect if you don’t have a certification? The answer to that is simple today: you are still an architect.

Ten years from now, however, my hope is that the answer would be no, you are not an architect if you aren’t certified. The argument now is how do we get there.

Thanks for the comment!!