Syncverse, “The End”

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The End

The end is a new beginning. I heard that once during a presentation (also not at the very end of the book, although in both cases the end was/is very near). You begin with promise, connecting and syncing all of my multimedia devices (and for that matter your multimedia devices also) and you end with a dream (building a Syncverse that will hopefully contribute to making this world a better place).

Change however is the variable humans both despise and frankly are afraid of as well. In January 2011 there was a study published by a scientist saying that it was too late to stop the impact of global warming. He wrote in the article that we should “get used to change now.” Climate changes caused by years of releasing carbon dioxide into the air were inevitable.

Yet you still hear arguments against global warming. Arguments that scientists are making the information up, or that human beings didn’t cause the problem. Go to any major city located near a river and look at the river. They look disgusting. Litter on the shores, the water discolored and you don’t see many fish. Humans have change the world forever. This of course could be for the best if something else is born of this. Change can produce good as well as bad.

The problem is well the number of people working on the problem. You have two significant camps of people the first are the scientists trying to solve the problem. If we were to implement the changes that are the Syncverse we could increase the number of eyes looking at the problem. The more eyes that view the problems the greater our chance that the scientist saying it is too late, is wrong.

Of course there always remains the broad problem of “ignorance is bliss.” Ignorance is a word that drives me up the wall. I’ve heard people call other people “ignorant and dumb” for years. But the very use of the word ignorant is often uninformed. A person who is dumb cannot through a physical, emotional or physiological issue speak. It truly has nothing to do with intelligence. Stupid or uninformed comes closer to what people are trying to say, it’s that in truth you haven’t been exposed to the information needed to make a good decision.

Enter the Syncverse again, not only a way to take big problems with lots of people, now an effective way to get a 360 degree view of issues, problems and questions around us. It is never about the decision you make, it is about the information you use to make that decision. The Syncverse becomes a tool for helping us change the world. With fingers crossed (and your toes, my toes and several million other people’s fingers and toes) this could be a better way to solve some of the nagging questions raised and discussed in this book and many other books.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a world where people are judged not for the way they look or the color of their skin but for the contents of their minds. To change the intent of Aldus Huxley’s line “ah what a brave new world to have people such as this (in it)” making it a positive. That world is a better place because we have all connected. We have the information we need to solve the problems we face and millions of minds thinking about those problems.

Can we face a future with unlimited potential? Oh yeah, and synchronize all my media files so I can have them on every device!