Syncverse, The value of information (my amazon author’s page)

The Value of Information

The postulation at the beginning of this section is that we use information to solve problems. This of course precludes artistic endeavors although one could argue that many artistic endeavors attempt to “explain the human condition” we are more focused on the information created, managed and used in the spheres of this book, the Eduverse, Healthverse, Havenverse, Myverse and the overall Syncverse. There are two core considerations with IP that must be denoted early.

1. How do I get the information?

2. Is that information from a valid source?

The first one is actually probably the quickest way to solve the second. If we follow the traditional information providers (text books, information clearing houses etc.) you would purchase a subscription to the online Syncverse service and would therefore know that the source was in fact valid. The second component could be a fact checking service that would be provided for information gathered off the internet as a whole (compiling and comparing various internet sources and providing you with a 360 degree view of the information.

Of course there are a number of other considerations for the information value that we will explore in this section.

The Nature of a problem

Information=solutions to problems

Problems can be the death of solutions. The issue is that solutions often have fatal flaws. Those flaws reduce the quality of the solution and create a scenario where the solution is less in value than the “cost of the problem.”

1. The overall cost of the solution has to exceed the cost of the problem

2. The overall cost of solving the problem has to fit in the cost of the solution as a component in solution development

The first is simply good business. Don’t create a solution to a problem that costs more than the original problem created. The second one is a new concept for solution development, adding the projected cost of problems into the initial cost of the solution. This plays directly to the strength of the Syncverse, the concept of creating a “Communospace[1]” where the community with guidance builds the overall correct solution for the problem. There would be a series of Communospace within each of the overall ‘verses of the Syncverse.

[1] Communospace is a Syncverse term describing a place where multiple people can interact around a specific problem in seeking a resolution to that problem. The difference between the Syncverse version and the existing internet version today is the level of moderation involved in this.