The business case for the Syncverse (my amazon author’s page)

The Business of Information

Information = solutions

Let’s assume for a meant that the initial statement of this section is correct. Information = solutions. We gather and collect information to solve specific problems.

Note: Of course this precludes the joy and wonder of the written word as presented in fiction but that is at this point intentional. We could argue that in fact we use fiction as a solution to a problem as well but for now, we are simply excluding fiction from this overall process.

Based then on the overall assumption that we develop and use information to solve specific problems then what are the problems of the world today that the Syncverse would in fact help solve, more effectively?

· Famine?

· Hunger?

· Education?

· Equality?

· Others?

First it would not be possible to present a statistical view of the solution as the Syncverse doesn’t exist today. Nor, has there been anything like this since the Library at Alexandria[1]. But the Library at Alexandria was inaccessible to the vast majority of the people alive at the time it was in existence.

The internet and by extension the Syncverse now provides us with the opportunity to build a solut0oin that in fact solves the distribution problem as well as the collection problem at the same time. We as a society can now build, collect, examine, consider, critique and adopt not one solution to the various problems facing us but many solutions.

For the rest of this chapter we will take various “problems” and work though the overall business value of the solution leveraging the Syncverse or one of the other “’verse’s” described in previous chapters.



[1] The legend of this library is that “the entire world’s information” was contained in its walls.