Myverse Business Opportunities and more on the Myverse Migration tool (my amazon author’s page)

Business Opportunity (Myverse)
One of the things that organizations will be able to provide is a backup of the Myverse. There are a number of companies that offer this service today for home users including Amazon, Mozy and others. What they don’t offer today is the value of the Syncverse, my data everywhere regardless of device. They do however offer online backups of your information. With the Syncverse they can now offer online and disk based backups of your critical information. You can sign-up for XYZ Company to backup your Myverse and keep that data for you, or send it to you in a package of Blu-Ray disks.

The other component of the Myverse or Personal Migration tool would be the location of the data and how that data is staged for the user. Users may prefer that their pictures be stored online, but only the last 30 days be available near line. Or there could be a connection to Flickr or other picture services that says rotate my online pictures and only keep the recent 30 days of pictures (and most viewed) on XYZ photo service.

For critical information the user could also ask that the recovery data store be maintained after the migration. This could be offered (see above in the business opportunity) as a premium service that included a connection to the online backup vendor. This could also be dumped to a Blu-Ray or DVD format for users to have as a permanent baseline.

Business Opportunity (Myverse)
Data management or data buckets will be a component of the overall solution that organizations can offer to individuals. If you have thousands of pictures, having a system that allows you to identify one person in a picture one time (and then the system groups all pictures into groups based on the people you have identified once) would be of value. This would be the “photo sorting” system that would allow users to effectively use their photos and videos. The same could also be true for critical documents like tax returns, charitable receipts etcetera.

There is a number of other “buckets” that could be offered to the system. These would and could include:

· Photo (as mentioned above)

· Tax services (scan your receipts into your Myverse

· Last will and testament (fill out your will and post it to your Myverse)

· Music match (find music in your collection and share local bands with similar sounds so that you can attend, notify you when your favorite musicians are in town).

· Educational Opportunities based on the users interest

· Entertainment opportunities based on the users interest

· Support or help based on users interests or needs

· Family Calendar (all members post and sync the same calendar)

Of course there are many more services but this list like all the lists in the book is to start the concept not build it out completely

The last component of the “Myverse” migration process is the concept of remote guidance. In many families there are the computer people and the non-computer people. While the computer people will “comprehend” the Syncverse the non-computer people may have the greatest use for the tool set. So with the remote or remote managed migration process there is the ability to allow another person to watch and review the migration for a less technical person.


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