The other side of convergence

The other day while presenting I actually modified one of my favorite lines from the Lord of the Rings. It is a phrase that resonates well with the Syncverse.

“One tool to find them, one tool to sync them, one tool to push them all into the cloud and keep them.”

Yes it’s a significant modification of the phrase written in the tongue of Mordor on the one ring and my apologies to those who love the Trilogy and other books as much as I do.

But you see the point.

Entertainment is not what it used to be. In 1971 we flew from Chicago Illinois to Paris France (with the eventual goal of making it to Bangkok Thailand). There were two movies on the plane and if you didn’t like them oh well.

My parents bought me a short wave radio that year for Christmas. It was my only link to music other than Thai music (which I still love and enjoy listening to) for more than a year. There were no recordings (well you could have LP’s or 8 tracks – the cassette and cd were still dreams in somebodies head). I actually have a short wave radio that has a built in radio recorder so you can catch you favorite music over the air and record it, but then how often do you listen to the radio? I do in the morning because of Bob and Tom but other than that – really don’t listen anymore.

The world is so different now – that I wonder what would happen if we pulled the plug. Better yet – let’s make all these different things work together. Best of all make them not restricted – so that everyone can use them regardless of their geopolitical positioning in the world.

The Syncverse – one tool to find them, sync them and keep them safely available for us to consume.