Make my sync useful

Over the next few weeks I am going to represent some reworked sections of the Syncverse concept.

Make my sync useful:

Let’s talk about the “what” of syncing. We know why we need to sync (I want to get at my stuff when I want my stuff) but the “what” is huge. The digital explosion continues to grow larger and larger. My first digital camera (and yes I still have pictures from that device) was an Apple Quicktake 100. I then moved to one of the original Casio digital cameras. The number of pictures adds up quickly. When you add in digitizing old video tapes so that they won’t decay and become useless the numbers are truly staggering.

1. I have 22 hours of video shot of my kids

2. 30 or so movie titles that include the “digital copy options.

3. I have in 18 years of digital photography collected more than 75,000 pictures. This doesn’t count the 2,000 or more 35mm slides I yet need to scan.

4. More than 40 gigs of music collected (Zune Pass and copies of my personal CD’s only allowed).

The “what” here represents a massive opportunity to share. It is to some degree the story of my family. It represents both my children growing up (my step daughter is 24, we have maybe 1000 digital pictures of her and probably 3000 print pictures. My daughter is 17 and we have 10,000 or more digital pictures of her – there is less cost to that than the 3000 prints we have of our oldest).

Cost of Camera

Cost of Film and Developing

Cost of first 100 pictures

Cost of each 100 pictures thereafter

$119 Film Camera (Kodak 110)

$12 – $15 per roll (24 – 36 pictures which is cost of film and development)



$300 35 mm Canon Point and Shoot

$12 to $15 per roll



$600 35mm SLR

$12 to $15 per roll



First Digital Camera


0 unless you print – then roughly 7-12 cents per page



Digital Camera Now $300




Additional costs to consider – larger hard drive for pictures (and rotating copies – I made a dvd backup of all pictures now).

This is simply an amazing change in the world of taking pictures of your kids. This doesn’t take into account the concept of taking more pictures because you don’t actually have to print them. What this means is you get those great pictures (I get roughly 1 good picture out of 30 taken. That was the same ratio I had for film cameras so you can see where that goes). You also have to store the prints of the pictures.

But the goal of taking 20000 pictures is to share them with the people that want to see them. I need an easy system to share the pictures of my family with the rest of my family.

There is no automated way for me to share them. There is no structured way for my mom to request pictures of my grandchildren at the beach or in the park or at the zoo. The first problem is sharing the pictures. Embedded inside this sharing is another problem that will be larger in the long run.

Mom, here are 30,000 pictures of your grandchildren. Please pick the ones you want to have physical copies of…

Windows Home Server is a start, but there are disk space and backups. Not the least of which is disk space and backups. Photobucket and Flickr are two resources I use at times, but like anything else – there are limits and I have to spend time for others to see what I am sharing.

The automation would actually have to go back to the device itself. GPS settings for an automated this is where we were when the pictures were taken. There has to be an effective Time and Data stamps from the GPS so no one has to set them. That way you have time, location set automatically for every picture.

Simple, automated uploads of the pictures in a structured manner so that they are handled by automation no human intervention. That would allow me to place the camera in its charging bay and have it automatically present my photos to the internet and to the home network for backup. Two sources right away rather than one.

All of this, in a camera that costs $199 and takes/uses every type of memory card that is on the market today. Oh yeah and turns itself on and automatically takes the pictures I miss!

Problem: No one, not even a grandmother wants to sift through 30,000 pictures in order to find the one they want to keep. In building out the Syncverse a photographic organizational system needs to be included. Tagging like they use on Facebook a user’s face but in an automated fashion so that you can search for things like “Scott Smiling” or “Boys first birthday” and get valid smaller result sets.