Eduverse Collaboration Design requirements

Collaboration Design Requirements

· Ad hoc communication must be supported

· IM and VOIP steams must be integrated

· Web meetings and collaboration shares must be supported

· Late homework and assignment improvement tracking system

· Student project center

In the Ad-Hoc communication area of the Eduverse the following support has to be provided out of the box:

· Document sharing

· Workspace sharing

· Critique section

o Editors who are live to chat with students

o Experts with video’s and editing classes

· Youth forums (patrolled)

· Private Forums (patrolled)

· Web Meeting Section

· Chat section

· Student Project center

· Homework Help

The big areas here are to improve student’s collaboration skills, their understanding of editing and the editing process and encouraging the students to submit their materials to others for review. This provides a place for open and constructive communication and helps prepare the leaders of tomorrow with the tools of today.

Next there are the youth and private forums for discussions, these would be managed by topic and conversation (Science, Level 1, Introduction to science) while the Chat section would be completely open for children to converse about any and all topics.