The Syncverse and education continued

But free information is a risk for many governments. The fear is of course that someone will get a technical or weapons advantage from information. While I agree that there are certain components that must be released carefully, eventually the very freedom of information may be of a greater benefit than holding back information.

1. The information we wish to share would not be of a nature that would provide an advantage to any one nation. Instead the information would simply level the playing field and provide the world with many more people capable of helping move us forward.

2. The security of the solution would be more than required for the information that is in the system.

3. The goal is not to “divulge secrets” rather it is to build a system that allows children to receive a fair and equal education.

Note: All of this said there is of course one fatal flaw in this program. A bad teacher is a bad teacher, and frankly that is a problem throughout the world that would have to be dealt with. The value proposition for schools and countries is that good teachers with good materials can produce even better results. However this side bar only holds relevance if there is no information released. A bad teacher with access to good information and lessons can become an average teacher.