The Syncverse and Education

Information Unification

There are a couple of concepts floating around right now – one world and their laptop program is an interesting idea, but what we can do in the cloud is even more intriguing. The value proposition for education with the Syncverse is huge. The Society of Dead Teachers was founded on the concept of “Kindle the flame of knowledge.” The equality of knowledge allows us to create a system that would support the sharing of information worldwide. Creating a Megaverse[1] of educational materials that would allow for all children around the world to have the same baseline for education. It’s not, as Tom told me more than 25 years ago what they think about – it’s how they think.

So how do we get there?

The first is a question of sharing. Today there are a number of fine solutions and systems that have been built/discovered/improved around helping students be successful in school. But they are silos today.

1. Break the silos

The second part is one of cooperation. Sharing is great (throw your stuff into the Syncverse and hope someone else finds it to be useful). But the reality is sharing is best done in a collaboration manner, for the value proposition to be greatest for the educational systems of the world there needs to be a collaboration infrastructure over the top of the Syncverse where people share their date.

2. A system of collaboration

Last but not least and in fact is probably the hardest to accomplish is a universal or structured goals that are similar across all the different countries and school systems. Universal education requires that we are all starting on the same page so that what is delivered allows for local variance, but establishes the highest level structure as the starting point.

3. Common educational goals worldwide

1-3 allows for a common unified presentation of information, goals and a place for educators to talk about what they need from a local or global perspective.

[1] Megaverse, the combination of one or more Syncverse solutions into a single unified information structure