If today were a pattern what pattern would it be?



So, I have been thinking about the concept of syncing for so long its started to invade my social space as well. Now I am trying to consider all of the different online accounts I have and how would I keep all that together.

Perhaps Netflix will introduce a Facebook inspired emotional movie queue. How are you feeling today? Sad? We will add a comedy to your instant queue we think you will like.

Not sure how you feel? we will add a romantic comedy.

Facebook status change to single again? We will add a romantic comedy with a dark revenge plot. Not that you should ever take revenge, its just something you can watch to help cheer you up.

Or a merging of my Amazon account (kindle) and  my Netflix queue. Movies that are based on books I’ve read. Movies that are ones I have already purchased via Amazon etc.

A brave new world to have such a tool in it…