An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Episode 99

The water started pouring into the sinkhole which for a time made people happy we had the sinkhole (until someone mentioned that the water is in fact highly polluted and it would effectively pollute the water table of our area for the next decade or so).

Our great flood waters were gone by Tuesday morning and people were able to get up to the sluice gates. It had to have been a pretty massive explosion. But the important thing was the town council meeting that happened Monday evening.

After nearly 20 years of anonymity our small little town was now noticed, and not noticed for our fabulous corn festival. All that notice for our corn festival would have been a wonderful thing. The problem was that for the second time in less than 3 months our lake, former mayor and sinkhole were all causing huge problems for everyone south of us in the State of Indiana.

Instead the issue was the polluted lake that had once served as the picnic grounds for the corn festival parade participants.

“Sheriff Brownlee would you like to present your findings to the town council?” One of the members asked during the Monday emergency meeting.

“Well, we are not certain at this point. We do know for a fact that it was not an act of Eco Terrorists. They, Eco Terrorists prefer to stay away from explosions that cause ecological problems for a much larger are after the terrorism. Instead we are examining who may have wanted to do this horrifying thing. The good news is that no one was killed. John Withers did manage to fall and injure his back while trying to protect some of the valuable circuitry in his store. But in the town as a whole we survived with just a few bumps and bruises.”