An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Episode 67

Our town, population 2893 was featured in the US Census guide in 1980 as the only town in America that reached 100% census submission. Had the census known that the only way you got to keep your personal stop sign in 1980 was to take your completed and sealed census to the general store/town hall and sign in, they probably wouldn’t have mentioned our achievement – but none the less we got that award and had it displayed in the Town Hall/General store. The town would have preferred a sectional basketball trophy but you take what you can get.

Basketball is king in Indiana.

The census was not as important – but at the time we were seeking any accolade we could get. That is why at the end of the last mayor’s trial that trophy was brought out of the back room and put back in a place of prominence. Our town was proud of being a 100% city in the 1980 Census. It wasn’t much but when you have nothing, something seems like an infinite amount of anything.

A mayor who disappeared and reappeared (dead) 20 years later, a mayor who appeared, then disappeared with a dead wife, and a lot of dead fish ending up in a growing sinkhole left our town devastated. It was the year to forget.