An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Episode 66

Four left turns or four right turns gets you back to the same place. Except of course in Lake Architectless where two right or two left turns will have you facing a one way street. Or if you are really lucky and in the “wrong” part of town you could face two one way streets which of course would lead you nowhere or worse, somewhere that was nowhere.

The Davis family had 23 turns to get from the general store to their house. Or they could simply walk or ride bikes and be there in about 7 minutes via the sidewalk. Mr. Davis was a huge fan of the singer “Neil Young” and so he put a sign on his porch that said “This is Nowhere” in honor of the singer and the number of turns to get to his house.

People tended now instead of using landmarks to give people directions with the total number of turns required (17 lefts, 23 rights). Of course this was confusing and people stopped doing that pretty quickly because the value was in the order not the turns. People start giving directions at that point in an interesting shorthand (1L2R1L1R3L1R3L2R) rather than just saying left, right, right etc. It was proposed at one point at the Town Council that we should change the names and addresses of everyone in town rather than fix the one way street issue. Luckily the postal representatively from Fort Wayne said that USPS would not allow that change.