An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Episode 64

The enterprise project management trust us truck

Late on the afternoon of the day after my last day of being grounded for my various adventures but mostly grounded for going into the cave without proper permission, the Enterprise Project Management “trust us with your projects” campaign truck arrived.

The side of the truck was decorated with a huge project plan that they must have had custom painted on the side of the truck. The rest of the truck was filled with personal computers and project managers. Apparently the “mega software & Buck” company had told the project management company that we were going to be doing a huge project soon and the project guys wanted to get a jump on the action. They had cut short their Fort Wayne visit to spend a little time with us.

That evening the project management team promised an exciting show on “how to plan and deliver your projects on time and under budget” news of this spread through town like wildfire. Everyone and their project planned on being at the meeting.

“Come one, come all. See how you make help your projects come to arrive on time, under budget and with just a little nudge higher customer satisfaction.”