An Architecture Home Companion (AHHC)

Episode 35

Bridge over the river

In the summer of my 14th year on this planet, the year after we had found the long lost Dead Man’s cave and had changed the history of our town forever, they decided to build a bridge over the river that ran just west of Lake Architectless.

There was a bridge over the river now, but you had to drive 10 miles south of town to cross the river. If you were going to Lake Schafer, and who didn’t want to go to Lake Schafer? If made the trip that much longer.

Lake Schafer, or as everyone else really called it “Indiana Beach” was the summer fun destination for the people all around central and northern Indiana. Having to drive those ten extra miles in the car with the screaming children was more than the new mayor of that summer could take, so he acquired roughly 8 million dollars from the US Highway and Transportation department to build a bridge.

They began building the bridge in early June. I was amazed by the number of measurements they took to build this bridge. The amount of planning was simply something our town had never seen. My dad told me that before he came to town he had seen a lot of projects like this, well planned he called them.

Each day we rode our bikes 3 miles one way to watch the heavy machinery place huge concrete pylons into the raging river. Ok, the river really didn’t rage. In fact for the most part it just moved the 2.2. miles per hour most smaller rivers move towards the mighty White river. The White then flowed through the state capital (Indianapolis) and then to the Ohio River. Eventually the water we were watching would make it all the way from the Mississippi out to the Gulf México. Hard to imagine that however when you watched water moving at 2 miles an hour as it flowed past you slowly winding its way across the state of Indiana.

The Engineers from the Army Corps were very nice to us, showing us the bridge plans and what they were doing. We watched them as they poured concrete and measured steel girders. It was simply the most amazing summer activity we could think of.



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  1. My dad built a few bridges in Winnipeg. Some were made for cars and trucks; but the ones I like the most are the bridges that he built in parks for people to walk over. He retired after building those bridges. I still like to walk over them with my Dad and kids. Some good memories.

    1. personally I love the old wooden covered bridges. Perhaps I will add those to the story somehow 🙂

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