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CRM, Episode 4

When I finally got to the truck carrying the CRM software it was amazing. There were bits of code dangling from the ceiling of the truck. The mud flaps had pictures of happy people with computers (instead of the usual half naked woman). The inside of the truck was crammed full of just about everything you would need for a CRM system.

  • Stacks of Contacts
  • Keyboards with keys aligned to the arcane commands you needed depending on which CRM solution you were buying.
  • CRM packages stacked against the side of the truck in gold, silver, platinum and mud-flap brown.

I was in awe of what I saw. Clutching the money my mother had given me that morning closely to me, I said to the man. “What do I need.”

For a second I saw a twinkle in his eye. An almost sad twinkle like I had asked a question he had heard before and yet didn’t want to answer. As if the question pierced him like an arrow.

“That depends upon what you want to do.” he finally said. His voice was scarred and aged like fine wine stored in a decanter not the bottle, less than perfect but still with the resonance of something that once was perfect.

“My mom wants a new family calendar.” I said quietly in awe of this truck of CRM.

“Well then, I have what you need. A CRM system that exports to phones and allows every device to have the same calendar at the same time. One that allows for multiple users and and thousands of contacts so that creating your Christmas card list becomes simple and easy. One that tracks conflicts and measures your free time, to reduce that free time to whatever your mother deems necessary. And I see by the fist full of dollars in your hand, that you have just enough for that system.”

For the briefest second I was overjoyed. Then he handed me 27 boxes that must have weighed 40 pounds.

“The installation guide” he said handing me a two page pamphlet “is right in here” he tapped the guide and turned to the next customer.

It took me over an hour to get home.


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