The road to complexity

I would to say that it is a new road, but frankly it has been around for a long time. The Appian way, a famous Roman road is a study in simplististy. More complex roads with larger paving stones and new materials have faded into the memory of history (the time long past).

But the simple road is still there.

Why is that?

Simplicity in and of itself is a long lasting solution. Keep it simple (add stupid and of course you have the KISS rule) is a rallying cry.

But we so often add complexity.

Why is that?

Complexity is the nature of humanity. We are complex creatures. We have communication structures, social structures and even structures that we live in. We are multi-celled complex creatures comprised of billions of cells often working together (although there are times I wonder about that.)

We are complex.

Therefore we seek always the road to complexity.

Sometimes to our own detriment. If you look down and see the Appian way, you are probably on the right track with your solution.